21 Under 31- Meet 21 young artists with promising careers

Southwest Art Magazine | 2000 September issue | By Bonnie Gangelhoff

Po Pin Lin, San Francisco

Born: Taiwan

Art education: Currently studying for a master’s degree in fine art at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, CA.

Style of work: Primarily an impressionistic landscape and cityscape painter.

Second-choice career: “Being an artist is my dream. I don’t have a second career choice.”

Favorite artist: “The Russian Impressionists inspire me.”

Favorite subject: “I’m not afraid to paint anything. I like figures, still lifes, and landscape, but landscape and city scenes are my favorite.”
Other passions: Bowling and basketball.

Favorite studio music: Classical. “I particularly like Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. I like to play it over and over again.

Best art trip: “I would like to go back to Taiwan because I grew up there and it’s beautiful. After that, Canada and Venice, Italy.”

Best advice received: “Keep your paintbrushes wet everyday. A true artist is not about making his drawings look like the real things but about expressing his inner- most feeling and emotions.

Next big goal: To travel the world and explore different countries, cultures, and traditions. Through canvas, colors, and brushes he wants to share what he sees.

Creative spark: Beautiful sights- including peaceful farms, fierce ocean waves, changing skies, fragile street flowers, and colorful city life.

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