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Carmel Downtown, 9x12 (SOLD)Looking out the Bay (SF), 16x20Evening Lights On Market (SF), 30x40Driving Up California Street (SF), 24x36Sightseeing, 12x24Rush Hour (Market Street, SF), 12x12Evening Shopping (San Francisco), 16x20Sunlit Street (SF), 12x16Driving In the Sunset, 18x24
Street in the Evening (SF), 9x12Early Morning (SF), 12x12Night Life in Carmel, 9x12 (SOLD)City Lights (San Francisco), 36x24Out for Lunch, 9x12San Francisco Rainy Day, 24x30Italian Town SF, 11x14
Entering San Francisco on Rainy day, 12x12Night Walkers, 16x12 (SOLD)San Francisco Charm, 9x12Evening Lights (SF), 9x12Sunset Glow (San Francisco), 24x18A View on Powell Street, 12x12Evening Reflections (SF), 12x16
Night Lights Market St, 30x24 (SOLD)Morning Shower, 12x12 (SOLD)SF Night, 30x24 (SOLD)Evening Lights, 11x14 (SOLD)Sutter Street Downpour SF, 11x14 (SOLD)Morning Shower SF, 12x9 (SOLD)Evening at Market Street, 11x14 (SOLD)
The Colors of the City, 12x12 (SOLD)SF Attraction, 9x12 (SOLD)Morning Shower on Market St (SF), 12x12Winter Dusk at Powell St,12x12 (SOLD)City Twilight SF, 12x9 (SOLD)The Morning It Rained, 11x14 (SOLD)Raining Night, 36x48 (SOLD)Raining in the Morning, 11x14 (SOLD)
Rainy Day on Market, 12x9 (SOLD)In the Rain, 12x12 (SOLD)California Glow, 24x30 (SOLD)Walking the Streets of San Francisco, 12x12 (SOLD)November Shower, 40x30 (SOLD)Market Street Trolley, 11x14 (SOLD)City Lights, 18x24 (SOLD)

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